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Lorad LPX Series

Lorad LPX Series

Spellman’s LORAD LPX series of portable X-ray imaging systems

The reliability of critical components used in commercial and military aerospace programs relies on complex manufacturing and quality inspection procedures. Because most parts used in the aerospace industry are extremely expensive to manufacture, radiography is used to test components without destroying them.

Spellman High Voltage is a leading supplier of x-ray systems for non destructive testing applications. Our portable, constant potential, Lorad LPX series (LPX160, LPX200, and LPX300) x-ray units have set new standards for non destructive testing imaging systems in the aerospace and defense industry and in industrial applications where it is critical to pinpoint the tiniest fault before it becomes a dangerous and expensive problem.

Available in either liquid or air cooled versions, LPX series products produce variable outputs from 5 to 300kV, 0.1 to 10mA (900 watt max) resulting in unparalleled resolution imaging in a wide variety of materials. All LPX industrial x-ray systems operate on a 100% duty cycle for cost-efficient continuous operation.

Units in the LPX series are used in many different environments. The liquid cooled model is widely used because it can be certified as not being a source of ignition when used in a volatile fuel vapor atmosphere such as in the inspection of fuel cells. An air-cooled version is used for applications that are not in volatile liquid vapor type environments and where cooling air is available. A hybrid unit can be configured in the field for either air or liquid cooling.

The LPX series x-ray units are end-grounded to allow for easier and more flexible positioning of the tube head assembly. The end-grounded x-ray tubes have a focal spot size of 1.5mm sq. The tube port is built with a low-absorption beryllium window that allows the radiographer to utilize the full spectrum of x-ray energy. This configuration permits shorter exposure times with high output for high resolution imaging of materials as diverse as thin composites and honeycomb structure to various metals with differing thicknesses.

Product Features

Constant Potential Output for the Best Discrimination. LPX series x-ray units are engineered to produce the sharpest images in industrial x-ray. The high radiation output of the systems allow for lower kV per exposure and increased film contrast for superior radiographic imaging. The unique design of the LPX series x-ray units allows for unmatched repeatability by monitoring both the kV and the mA directly at the tube head, not at the high voltage power supply input like other systems.

Digital Microprocessor Control

LPX systems come standard with an exclusive microprocessor-driven control. In addition to automatic warm-up and self-diagnostic circuitry, the LPX series units, have memory to store and recall up to 250 exposure techniques and will retain the last set of exposure parameters present before powering down. With LPX series units kV is adjustable in 1kV increments and mA in 0.1 mA increments. Exposure duration can be set anywhere from 0 min 0 seconds to 99 min 59 seconds in 1 second increments; mAs is variable from 0 to 29995 mAs.

Control unit features include:

  • Automatic warm-up in five operator selectable modes
  • Units of exposure in seconds or mAs
  • Precise kV and mA indication
  • Alphanumeric display of operating status
  • Self-diagnostic circuitry
  • Accurate setting for exact repeatability
  • Displays are readable in direct sunlight
  • Store/Recall of 250 exposure techniques
  • Exclusive Microprocessor-driven Control

Automatic Adaption to Input Line Voltage

LPX series x-ray units are perfectly suited to today’s demanding NDT inspection requirements. Products in the series are rugged, yet easy to transport and economical to maintain. And LPX series products can be powered by either line power or portable generator to permit all day inspection under extreme conditions. All systems automatically adapt to standard input line voltage of 100-130 or 200-250 VAC or they can be powered by a portable generator so they can be used virtually anywhere.

End-Grounded Anode

LPX series x-ray units are the most advanced, most accurate and most reliable industrial x-ray systems available anywhere. All LPX systems feature end grounded x-ray tubes, 100% duty cycle, beryllium windows, gas insulated tube heads, digital control and more. Key features include retention of the last set of exposure parameters and the storage and recall of up to 250 exposure techniques.

LPX Series Exclusive Laser Pointer Feature

Only LPX portable x-ray systems allow pinpoint image area targeting via an exclusive laser pointer laser sighting system. The laser pointer projects a highly visible reference laser beam from the tube head to surfaces as far as 75 feet away from the tube head to show precisely where the central x-ray beam will be located. Unique in industrial x-ray, the laser pointer feature permits unmatched accuracy for greater efficiency and reduced set-up times.

Model 1620 X-ray Tube head Stand. The model 1620 tube head stand is designed to set up quickly and provide rigid support for optimal image quality and flexible, three-axis positioning for the products in the LPX series. The stand incorporates two segment telescoping legs, a hand wheel-driven variable height adjustment and a gear head which provides lockable hand wheel control of tube head tilt and horizontal rotation.

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Lorad LPX Series Data Sheet


The Peltec Lorad LPX Series is designed for use in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Aviation
  • Aerospace
  • Fabrication

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