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Lab/Vault Systems

LAB / Vault Systems

The Peltec 160KV to 450 KV X-series Industrial X-ray Compact System Package


  • Compact 160 KV to 450KV producing solid state X-ray generating system
  • Power driven X-ray tube positional with up and down axis and extend axis
  • Built in area alarm package with audible pre-warning
  • Highly stabilized frequency with very low ripple rate producing sharper imaging
  • Industrial designed for the NDT Market

Special Points of Interest:

  • Mortorized tube position axis’s reaching 120 inches high and down to 16 inches
  • Build in Area Alarm Package with audible alarm during pre-warming
  • Self diagnosis indicators presenting status of the equipment
  • Plug and Play design for the modern NDT Department

Product Description:

  • Peltec X-series Industrial X-ray compact system package was designed for vault use for the NDT Industry.
  • The unit is designed to produce 160 KV to 450 KV with a max output of 4500 watts.
  • The unit integrates a solid state power supply that is oil and gas free.
    Many different types available per application

The highly stabilized generating device produces a consistent 25Khz output with low ripple/noise rate which delivers a more constant beam which produces a better image on CR, DR and Film median.

The system also features an electric tube positional which allows the end-user to adjust the tube height to desired position. The adjustable tube is capable of achieving a maximum height of 104 inches down to 16 inches. The tube holder also has the capabilities to rotate the tube 180 degrees for angle shots. The system can operate is a vertical or horizontal beam direction.

Peltec X-series product also incorporate a full compliance area alarm package that is required for vault operation.

The Peltec X-series also has a comprehensive fault diagnostic circuitry and Arc sense devices which protects the system from tube arcs.

External Chiller for cooling the oil in X-ray tube. The Chiller features quick lock connectors.

Input Voltage: 180—164Vac, 47-63 hertz, power factor corrected input to ≥ 0.98

Input Current: <25 amps

Output polarity: Bipolar

Output current: 0-30ma

Output Voltage:

Load: ± 0.05% of rated ouput voltage for a
full load charge

Line: ± 0.05% of rated output volatge over
specified input range

Ripple(P-P): < 0.1%

Accuracy: 0.25%

Stability: ≤ 0.1% per 8 hours, after 1 hour warm up

Temperature Coefficient: 50ppm/°C

Emission Current:

Load: ±0.05% of ratted output current for a change from 30% to 100% of rated

Output volatge:

Line: ± 0.05% of rated current over specified input voltage range

Accuracy: 0.25%

Stability: 100ppm/°C


Output: 0-6 amps at a compliance of
10Vdc, Maximum

Dual Focal Spot: Small and large, selectable via interface signal

Configuration: DC filament drive. Closed loop emission control regulates filament setting to provide desired x-ray tube emission current

Control Interface: System can be operated with a hardware controller or via computer.

Hardware Controller:

Remote Interface: Ethernet utilizing a VB GUI

Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C

Storage Teperature: -40°C to +85°C

Humidity: 20% to 85% RH, non-condensing

Cooling Power supply: Forced Air

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Peltec 4500 X-Series Data Sheet

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Peltec 3200 X-Series Data Sheet


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Peltec 2250 X-Series Data Sheet

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Peltec 1600 X-Series Data Sheet

The Peltec 4500 X-Series is designed for use in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Aviation
  • Aerospace
  • Fabrication

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