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Industrial X-ray Field Services

Industrial X-ray Field Services

Peltec Services offer a variety of field services to support your needs. Whether you need normal component or system service, setup a preventitive maintenance contract or you are hard-down, Peltec Services can handle your situation!

Preventative Maintenance Service Contracts

Reliable industrial x-ray preventative maintenance that keeps our customers up and running!

Key Benefits

  • Expertise in field service on most brands
  • Technical phone support to all customers
  • Installation and Operator training
    X-ray system upgrades and change-outs
  • Redesign of any type x-ray system
  • Complete relocation of cabinets and rooms
  • Training on all factory repairs for all Philips generators, tubes and other components

Peltec Services offers Preventative Maintenance Plans suited to your specific requirements. Our goal is consistent with Total Production Maintenance, Longer Equipment Life, Reduction of Repair Costs through meticulous maintenance capabilities and absolute availability of equipment to maintain quality performance. Our goal is the same as our customer’s: Zero Production-Time Failures.

Preventitive maintenance may be performed at your facilities convenience and quoted for off-hours or weekend down-time slots by request.

Peltec Services has continued to provide superior maintenance, repair and construction services on all types of industrial x-ray equipment. Through the years our company has built a reputation for the highest-quality installation and Preventative Maintenance work on all types of industrial x-ray equipment including high production turn-key systems. Our reputation was achieved with our field service and sales center holding firm to the ideals of our founder.

Peltec Services expert staff is fully trained in the latest equipment, and stands ready to serve you. We are committed to making sure your critical testing operations stay up and running.

Typical Preventative Maintenance Outline

  1. Checking the lead cabinet, manipulator and controls
  2. Regreasing negative/positive generator high voltage cables and adjusting critical gap settings
  3. Regreasing and adjusting gap settings on the end of the high voltage cables connecting to x-ray tubes
  4. Check electrical components for tight and safe connections
  5. Check proper cooler functions (coolant level, temp switch and flow switch), cleaning radiator and checking for proper airflow through the cooler
  6. Checking for proper alignment of laser pointers on x-ray tubes if applicable
  7. Inspection of x-ray cables (evaluating worn out cables)
  8. Checking main power to the power supply units ensuring proper incoming voltage
  9. Checking all connections associated with the power supply and BRH mandated cabinet interlocks
  10. Ensuring all safety micro switches are functioning and working properly at doors and aperatures
  11. Maintaing all light bulbs on the controllers. Checking log of controller to detect any possible error patterns. Logging down x-ray usage in hours on reports
  12. Spare part evaluation on what spare parts should be kept on site
  13. Check proper heat sink connection on x-ray tube if required
  14. Check all video and imaging equipment to ensure proper function, including resolution as qualified by Alcoa requirements
  15. Complete service report with recommendations
  16. Certificate of compliance
  17. Certificate of instrument calibration

Want More Info on Peltec Preventive Maintenance Service Contracts?

Get in touch with us to learn more about the Peltec Preventive Maintenance Service Contracts or any of our other offerings.

Equipment & Imaging

Review our industrial NDT X-ray equipment & imaging product lines. We manufacture our own X-series line of products and we're also an authorized dealer for many top quality manufacturers such as Carestream, VisiConsult and Danatronics.


Peltec Services provides a variety of Field Services on an as needed and service contract basis. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and go to great lengths to provide cost effective, best in class service.


Peltec Services is ready to provide you with a variety of industrial X-ray equipment supplies on an as needed or recurring basis. We are committed to making sure you always have what you need.

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