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Micro-Focus X-ray Tubes

COMET Micro-Focus X-ray Tubes

Systems used for real-time applications that utilize very fine tube focal spot down to 1 mircon. Widely used in the electronic and CT application.

Key Benefits

  • FXE Product Highlights
  • Unlimited lifetime due to open type design
  • Minimum focus-to-object distance (FOD) for highest magnifications
  • Automated system startup and tube conditioning
  • Long-term intensity and focus positions stability (TXI)
  • Easy target and filament replacement
  • Filament lifetime extension
  • Intelligent controller software
  • Dynamic image processing capabilities

COMET has been the unrivaled expert and preferred OEM partner in microfocus X-ray tube technology for over 20 years and continues to establish new benchmarks for X-ray performance and set industry standards. We offer a broad range of microfocus and multifocus X-ray tubes (FXE Series) that guarantee a versatile use in almost any field of application.

COMET FXE X-ray inspection products consist of a demountable (open) X-ray tube assembly, vacuum unit and high power generator. The required maximum magnification, sample size, and material to be inspected determine the radiation head (transmission or directional) and radiation power employed.

COMET X-ray tubes are offered with a wide power range of 100 to 225 kV.

Transmission tubes are essential for applications where the required resolution mandates a focal spot size down to 1 micrometer. X-ray radiation is generated within the transmission X-ray target, which consists of two layers of different materials. Due to the very small focal-to-object distance (FOD), extremly high geometric magnifications can be achieved.

The standard microfocus tubes offers a focal spot size down to 1 micron. With the multfocus tube (MFT) design the user can select between nanofocus, microfocus and high-power mode allows for the inspection of dense materials also.

In addition, all transmission tubes offer True X-ray intensity (TXI) control, which controls the actual X-ray output and providesimmediate and steady X-ray intensity.

Typical applications include inspection of BGAs, FlipChip components, semiconductor, bond wires, MEMS, MOEMS, medical devices, optoelectronics, high-resolution Computed Tomography (CT) and customizided OEM solutions.

Directional tubes are needed for high-power applications. X-ray radiation is generated within a directional target, which usually consists of one material being solid tungsten. With a max. power of 320 W and an extremely high power output directional tubes are perfectly suited to penetrate dense materials and assemblies.

Directional tubes offer True X-ray intensity (TXI) control, which controls the actual X-ray output and provides immediate and steady X-ray intensity.

Typical applications include inspection of weldings, cracks, die castings, mouldings, glow plugs, injectors, Computed Tomography (CT) and customized OEM solutions.


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Comet Micro-Focus X-ray Tubes Spec Sheet


The Comet Micro-Focus X-ray Tubes are designed for use in flexible field inspection in all types of industrial environments

  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Aviation
  • Aerospace
  • Fabrication
  • Oil and Gas

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