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Industrex HPX-PRO Portable Digital System

Industrex HPX-PRO Portable Digital System

CR for Anywhere NDT Takes You

The HPX-PRO Portable CR System is designed for high throughput digital imaging in rugged NDT environments. It’s a lightweight (35lbs/16Kg), portable solution that can be set-up in less than 5 minutes and process a weld in up to a minute, producing high-quality digital images for quick analysis and rapid final reporting. HPX-PRO is a complete solution using Carestream’s INDUSTREX software to scan, display and store your all your digital data.

The HPX-PRO…PROductive Digital, PROformance Imaging, PROfessional results

Hardware Features

Simple User Controls

Includes easy-to-read System Status, Power, and Ethernet Connectivity LEDs, with a separate LED scale for Battery Power.

Filter/Air Vents

Replaceable air filter to keep out dust and dirt.

Fold-up Feed Doors with Extensions

Both the entry and exit doors fold up to seal off the unit from dirt and dust when in transport or not being used. A magnet holds the doors closed. Each door has an extension to support up to a 17” long plate.

Detachable Handle

Can be removed via two Phillips screws to reduce height (to 14”). Mobile film labs don’t have a lot of extra room and when you’re trying to fit something between the bottom and top cabinets every inch counts.

Battery Holders

Includes powered mount for usage and storage mount for second battery, providing 4 hours of standby time and 45 minutes of imaging time per battery.

Mounting Bracket

Allows you to secure the unit to a mounting plate during transportation. The optional mounting bracket can be attached to the work surface enabling the HPX-PRO to be quickly snapped into a harness for transport on rough roads. At the end of the day simply remove it for safe storage in a climate-controlled environment.

Ethernet and Power Connections

Set up the unit in less than 5 minutes. Simply connect an Ethernet and power cable and you are ready to work.

Carry Strap

Comes with detachable strap for over-the-shoulder carrying in transport.

Rapid Job Setup

With INDUSTREX Software setup of customer parameters, automated electronic FLASH creation on each image and automatic incremental shot numbering make getting ready to shoot fast and easy.

In Batch Mode, define shot parameters and input how many welds to shoot. Set-up the weld numbering and turn on the auto increment feature to name welds as plates process.

Image, Analyze & Approve in Seconds

Batch Mode was added to our INDUSTREX software so the HPX-PRO can keep up with film. Unlike other CR systems, the HPX-PRO scans and erases in one pass, thus eliminating wait-time for the plate to come back out during erase.

The HPX-PRO is designed to process a weld a minute (based on 5-3/4” imaging plate length). Including scanning, erasing and image display on the monitor with a pre-set EDGE filter already applied.

Customized Reporting

Make customized multi-line or single shot-style reports in a matter of seconds. When creating the work report, simply select the welds to be included and click “create report”. Generate a custom-made multi-line or single weld-style reports within seconds with pre-selected data.

See product brochure.

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INDUSTREX HPX-PRO Portable Digital System Brochure


The HPX-Pro Portable Digital System is designed for use in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Aviation
  • Aerospace
  • Fabrication

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