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INDUSTREX Film Processors

INDUSTREX Film Processors

The INDUSTREX M37 Plus processor feature set includes:

  • Ease of operation with nine programmable-controlled processing channels
  • Economical medium-range processor with capacity of 33 sheets/hour (35cmX43cm) in the recommended processing cycle
  • Process films up to 43cm wide
  • Compact design for smaller labs or environments
  • Comes with a table stand as standard
  • Filtered developer solution that reduce film artifacts
  • Intermediate rinse rack bath system
  • Can be used in stand-alone darkroom or through-the-wall installations
  • Automatic film-in detection utilizing a pulsed infra-red sensor bar
  • Automatic chemicals replenishment system for developer and fixer
  • Automatic heating for developer and fixer
  • Automatic anti-oxidation and anti-crystallization cycles
  • Separate drainage for developer, fixer and wash chemicals

The INDUSTREX M43IC processor has a robust feature set that includes:

  • Up to nine programmable-controlled processing channels for maintaining preferred settings such as processing speed, developer temperature, fixer temperature, dryer temperature and replenishment rate
  • High processing capacity of up to 58 sheets/hour (35cmX43cm) in the
    recommended processing cycle for improved productivity
  • An intermediate fix rinse bath rack system that enhance process uniformity to both sides of the film
  • Feed-tray cover that allows for room light operation
  • Filtered developer solutions that reduce film artifacts
  • Integrated chiller unit that maintains developer temperature uniformity in hot environments
  • Two 50-liter replenishment storage tanks
  • Low level monitoring of all tank solutions
  • Automatic tank solution “Top-Up“ control that maintains correct solution levels upon processor start up
  • Work-in-progress monitoring
  • Integrated connectors to an external exhaust air system

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The INDUSTREX Film processors are designed for use in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Aviation
  • Aerospace
  • Fabrication

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