X-Ray Imaging

Digital Tire Inspection Radioscopy

High resolution x-ray imaging utilizing CMOS technology

Key Benefits
  • CMOS Array with 54" active length in five seamless segments
  • Retrofits LumenX tire inspection systems for increased quality and service life
  • 3 year warranty on no bad pixels
  • Sensitivity 2-2T
  • Scan speed capable of 120 inches in 10 seconds
  • Enclosed coated aluminum with carbon fiber collimated window
  • Measurements can be independently calibrated in five regions of the image
  • A total of 25 calibrated measurements options for linear or area indications

Using the latest CMOS X-ray imaging technology, the TIS Systems can complete a 54 inch wide, high-resolution digital x-ray scan, 360 degrees around the tire in approximately 10 seconds

The system is sturdy, compact and easily deployed into new or existing facility production lines. The TIS System is easily retrofitted into existing LumenX systems.

High-resolution x-ray images are presented in a real-time scrolling on the computer displays as the tire rotates.

Images can be paused and printed on demand or conveniently archived for later recovery.

Tire Inspection Systems

Tire Inspection Systems

Inspection Image

CMOS Panels for digital
										imaging solutions

CMOS Panels for digital imaging solutions

Tire Scan

Tire Scan 2

Industrial Tire X-ray 
										tubes available

Industrial Tire X-ray tubes available