X-Ray Equipment

Mobile X-ray Equipment

These units are designed to work in limited accessed places. Their design emphasizes mechanical as well as electrical ruggedness combined with low maintenance and ease of operation.

The x-ray tubes are usually 1/8 the size of a traditional portable x-ray system. The cart frames are constructed from structural grade steel profiles, are fully welded and powder-coated for appearance and longevity.

Heavy duty wheels with roller bearings assure trouble-free mobility within the customer's facility. Two-wheeled carts (100-160kVP) are balanced for moving the system by a single operator. Larger, four wheeled systems are based on 4 wheel platforms and incorporate a "no tilt-over" feature for safe and efficient operation.

The X-Ray Generators selected are high powered constant potential x-ray system conventionally utilized for stationary cabinets. These will usually cut the exposure time by 4 times.

The X-Ray Controller is programmed by the factory for the specific X-Ray Tube used. This assures safe operating limits of the tube are never exceeded. For multiple tube units, several tube parameters can be programmed into the controller, and the operator can select the type of tube presently used with the cart.

An onboard cooler of sufficient thermal capacity contributes to a high duty cycle (up to 100%) by providing adequate cooling. A flow and temperature monitor protect the tube from overheating.

The X-Ray tube connects to X-Ray generator and the cooler by means of a umbilical cord with a length of up to 20 meters. The high voltage cable, cooling lines and a grounding conductor are sheeted in durable flexible Nylon Wrap for protection and ease of handling.

Provisions for storing the cord and the tube on the cart are provided. A portable cord of sufficient gauge provides AC power (230 or 115 VAC) to the portable system. Length of the power cord can be up to 100 feet for 230 VAC units. Single phase AC or 3-phase AC configurations are available.